Editorial consultancy in the life, health, veterinary, and agricultural sciences.

Scientific publishing and the use of English have become more international than ever before. Our goal is to help you communicate your science, even the most complex work, in accurate, concise and fluent English, and so assist in having your work accepted for publication in peer-reviewed science journals.

Our speciality is the editing and rescripting (rewriting) of manuscripts before they are submitted for review or while they are in the process of being reviewed for publication in peer-reviewed science journals.

As language professionals we can identify patterns of difficulties for authors and the specialist knows his/her discipline better than the language professional. Often, neither the specialist nor the language professional alone suffice to make the best of manuscripts, and so input from both should be obtained. For these reasons, we prefer working with you throughout the entire editing and/or rescripting of your manuscript, and we will remain committed to your document as it moves through the editing and/or rescripting process until you submit it to your target journal.

If your document is going to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, you are no doubt aware that the aim of the scientific peer review is to assess the quality of your science. The aim of English-language editing is very different: its aim is to improve the overall quality of your reporting and the efficiency of information transfer from the author to the reader. Therefore, having your manuscript edited and/or rescripted by ConsulWrite is not a guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted for publication.

We also edit and/or rescript biotechnical documents such as standard operating procedures (SOPs), biosafety manuals and patent applications.

We ensure that the standard of English in each document reaches the level expected of an expert native speaker. To this end, we are able to edit and/or rescript your document so that:


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