Editorial consultancy in the life, health, veterinary, and agricultural sciences.
Fees for Editing and/or Rescripting

Fees for all services are invoiced in English pounds (GBP - £) and payment should be made within 30 days of the invoice date.

The fees for English-language editing and/or rescripting of a document are GBP7.50/100 words.

In other words, the fee for editing and/or rescripting will reflect how long it takes to render your document to a publishable academic standard. Although we are committed to the single fee until you submit your manuscript to your target journal, should your manuscript require intensive editing and extensive rescripting, an additional editing fee will be applied. This additional fee will be commensurate with the extra time needed to render your document to a publishable academic standard.

Fee for Additional Editing of Previously Edited Manuscripts

The fee for editing previously edited manuscripts due to editor's and/or reviewers' comments, resubmission to another journal, or any other reason will be £50.00 per hour.

Administration Fee

An administration fee of £9.00 per document is added automatically to all invoices to cover all processing costs.

Editorial Advice Fee

The fee for editorial advice is GBP150.00/hour.

Instructions for Payment

International bank transfer into the following account:

Account name: Dr. Arieh Bomzon
Bank: HSBC plc
Address: Cambridge City Office Branch
Address: 63-64 St Andrews Street, PO Box 85, Cambridge, England CB2 3HZ
Account Number: 32474492
Sort code: 40-16-08
IBAN: GB19MIDL40160832474492


Fees and Charges
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